A downloadable game for Windows

It's a local multiplayer game, a submission for Dream Arcade Archive game jam. It's still unfinished.

The controls are explained inside the game. But anyways, here you go:

You can switch your weapon. Weapons available including:




Banana - slow time / slow motion

Cherry - makes you move faster

Apple - Double fire rate

As it is still in development, here's the minimum target that'll be added in the next update:

- singleplayer mode: right now if you want to play singleplayer, you could just play one character and let the other one die ( sad )

- more maps

- Build for MacOSX, Linux, and Windows 64 bit


-programming,graphics : Yudhistira (a.k.a. Amob) - yudhisthereal@gmail.com

-musics and sound effects : Avik Chari - avikcharimusic@gmail.com

That's all about it! Feel free to give me some feedback!

Install instructions

Click on that download button.

Just unzip the file and double click on the executable. Have fun!


Pac-Man Payback DEMO.zip 14 MB

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